We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who understand the market place, customers, competition, risks, opportunities and what it takes to successfully steer an Diversified Business Group. Under the wise guidance of our management, Emirates National Establisment has consistently been at the forefront in all our operations.

Over decades of development have given us many reasons to rest on our laurels and count off our achievements. Our pioneering approach to the fields of Health & Safety and Sustainability.

Our business ethos transcends the limitations of the “here and now” – we seize opportunities as they arrive and see in them the potential for something greater and more far-reaching. We believe that what benefits us in the short-term should translate collectively in the future, and that the ripples of our efforts should trickle down through the coming decades to enhance the condition of all.

This ethos is embodied best in our approach to sustainability – responsible development that meets the needs of the present without violating the capacity of future generations to meet their own.

From minimizing our own impact on the environment we work in to instilling values of ecological awareness in our employees, and consequently, the communities in which they reside.